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to work, major power outages, no power for a week and you're not consuming energy when you can't turn on the power and can't get to work in your car. so it's a good thing, but keep the gas price froms going bananas in the first place. >> brenda: the east coast provides 6 1/2% of the gas that the u.s. uses. that's kinds of a-- could be a hit. >> i don't thinkt's going to be a very big hit. look, the prices may well go up, even if just one light bulb at one refinery gets knocked out because they rise and fall based on expectation of demand and supply, not the reality, so, they could go up a little bit. we could have a big one-day jump. they'll corrects in a couple of weeks and people won't be driving in this mess, and they suldn't be, just stay home, be safe and don't worry about it. >> brenda: i don't know, tobin, i'm worried, what about you? >> well, i'm looking to the nasty ugly speculators, there'a futures market in gasoline. if the people who know the business best thought that gasoline was going be to be knocked out, a huge super spike, you would he seen the futures on gasoline go
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4 (some duplicates have been removed)